What is ETH and Alts?

ETH and Alts is the first web-comic about the Blockchain, on the Blockchain. Minted exclusively through Rarible via the ERC-721 and the ERC-1155 protocols. Follow along as we explore the trends, trials, and tribulations of this emerging technology.

Technology & Principles

What fun would a Crypto based web-comic be if we didn’t utilize Crypto based principles and technologies? Offering E&A as an ERC-721 was an absolute no-brainer to ensure a provable scarcity model, but distribution is also a very important piece of the puzzle. A properly designed distribution model provides incentives to collectors in the form of rarity and the potential for profitability as the comic gains an audience. We hope that with the below distribution schedule, we are not only rewarding our early fans, but making ETH and Alts accessible for everyone.


  • Comic #1 — 5 Total Supply.
  • Comic #2 to #10 — 10 Total Supply for each edition.
  • Comic #11 to #25 — Total Supply Matches comic # for each edition.
  • Comic #25 to #68 — 25 Total Supply for each edition.
  • Comic #69 — nice!
  • Comic #70 to #100 — 25 Total Supply for each edition.
  • Comic #101+ — Total Supply to be determined.

Special Editions

Each ETH and Alts comic has 1 “Shiny” Special Edition release and n-1 remaining allocated to “Normal” comics (referencing the supply distribution chart above). Occasionally, some of this remaining allocation may be dedicated to additional Special Edition comics rather than “Normal” comics. Note: There will only ever be 1 “Shiny” version per comic released.

“Shiny” Edition
“Normal” Edition

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